Why .LGBT? Hear it from our Pioneers!

Evangelists play a big part in product launches. Because they believe in the product and truly enjoy it, they use their first-hand experience to help educate others on what the product represents and the benefits it brings.

.LGBT has some awesome evangelists and we call them our “Pioneers!”

 Our .LGBT Pioneers come from very different industries: two LGBT media sites from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, a LGBT expo organizer, a lawyer specialized in LGBT issues, and a LGBT marketing/consulting firm. While their businesses are different, they have the same marketing need – they want their LGBT identity and focus to be front and center. Nothing makes their LGBT identity more front and center than having the term LGBT as the web address! Our Pioneers saw the business value of .LGBT and they wanted it immediately – before the domain name was officially launched. It’s the first time the LGBT community has a web space dedicated to them. It’s going to revolutionize branding, marketing and communications! How? Let’s hear it from our Pioneers themselves:

www.boom.lgbt – #Boom Media: “Not only does the nomenclature of the .LGBT domain represent the community we serve, but because we provide LGBT-specific content, this top-level domain will drive users searching for this content to our site.”

www.expo.lgbt – The Original LGBT Expo: “We take pride in always being at the forefront of change in the LGBT consumer world in the last 20 years. The launch of the .LGBT domain is one of the biggest recent changes in consumer marketing: businesses and organizations who recognize the power of LGBT customers can now stand out and be easily identified by being on this domain.”

www.lawyer.lgbt – The Philly Gay Lawyer, Angela Giampolo: “As an LGBT advocate, I could not be more honored to be awarded the domain name ‘lawyer.lgbt’ as it truly reflects my passion of advancing LGBT rights. I have migrated my blog phillygaylawyer.com, which is dedicated solely to LGBT civil rights, to this new .LGBT web address.  This shift in branding states clearly who I am and what I stand for – full national equality and acceptance of LGBT rights.”

www.OutNow.lgbt – Out Now Consulting: “The new .LGBT domain has taken a significant step forward for our communities globally to connect, learn and build more visible and successful lives for people.”

www.pinknews.lgbt – PinkNews: “PinkNews was founded to report on LGBT issues and nothing reflects that clearer than having a web address that ends with the letters ‘LGBT.’ We look forward connecting with the global LGBT community on this distinctive, meaningful, and easy-to-remember web address.”

With this iconic domain name, LGBT advocates can make their identity stand out even stronger. Organizations that are LGBT-welcoming can make themselves easily known and found.  As more and more organizations have signed on since the domain’s public launch, we want to hear from our growing group of evangelists! Share your experience on social media:


Don’t have your .LGBT name yet? Get a name that truly represents what you stand for here.

Let’s connect and share this exciting journey with the community and the world!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015