Meet PrideLife – the Internet’s first .LGBT Certified Registrar

PrideLife, the first LGBT-Certified Registrar, is now open for business at GetPrideLife.LGBT!  We sat down with the Pridelife team to hear more about their plans for “disrupting the traditional registrar business,” “diversifying the domain name eco-system” and how you can get the most out of a .LGBT domain name.


What does it mean to be a “LGBT Certified” Registrar? How does that add value for potential customers?

Being LGBT Certified means that a business has met the nationally established criteria to qualify as a diverse supplier in the LGBT category. LGBT is one of the most recent segments to receive minority supplier recognition, joining others like Women-Owned, African American, Asian, Veteran and Disabled. To be considered an LGBT Business Enterprise a company must be 51% LGBT owned, or greater.

The value it adds for potential customers is that there is now an LGBT player in the registrar business. This not only gives consumers the option to have their domain registration spends support LGBT business, but it also adds an LGBT advocate in Internet governance and the registrar space. Inserting space at the registrar table for LGBT voices ensures the needs of the community are considered, and it empowers the community to re-imagine the registrar role in creative ways that add new value to a domain registration.



Why do you think NOW is the right time to introduce such a concept?

Empowering LGBT businesses has been a priority of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce for the past 17 years; including the creation of the LGBT certification program and advocacy for diverse supplier recognition in the corporate and government supply chains. It has become evident during those years that many industries and sectors are void of LGBT-owned suppliers.

Having participated in the ICANN community since 2009, it was a shock to learn that the registrar channel lacked any LGBT ownership, or any dedicated diversity advocacy. PrideLife was created to fill the gap and offer a solution that brings the LGBT community and other multi-cultural communities into the discussion, offering an alternative for consumers interested in supporting LGBT suppliers. At this moment in time when consumers are using their most powerful vote – their wallet – to shape the future, NOW is the time for PrideLife.  


Why does what is to the right of the dot matter in a web address?

Visibility has always been a challenge for the LGBT community, so marking web addresses with the .LGBT identifier is yet another way to add awareness and legitimacy for the community on the world’s largest stage – the Internet. It may seem like a small step, but it is yet another progression in the acceptance, integration and normalization of the LGBT community in our global society. Having Internet real estate specifically carved out for a marginalized community carries a strong message, both to the community it supports and those who deny their existence.

For all diverse communities however, the Internet can help create a more equal playing field for business and communications. Adding visibility to diversity at the right of the dot helps break through barriers, allowing businesses to be found more easily, communicate more directly and tap into the spending power of their diverse segment.


How do you think .LGBT can be a powerful tool for the Community online?

Not only do we believe .LGBT can be a powerful tool for visibility, it can also become a global networking tool that will bring the worldwide community closer and help organize its parts. Living in the same zip code online makes communication and community organizing much easier and having an intuitive string like .LGBT cuts through the clutter and helps improve the user experience.

Additionally, .LGBT can be a effective tool for human resources or diversity and inclusions teams at corporations and major brands for purpose driven outreach to the LGBT community including recruitment and resourcing supply chains.


What are some tips you can share for companies and organizations when speaking about diversity and inclusivity in their digital content?

It’s an interesting time for content, especially since the digital age makes for limitless opportunity. Companies and organizations are now able to share more about their brand, activities, policies and internal DNA at a fraction of the pre-digital age cost, and it’s a consumer expectation in the 21st century. Using digital content to reach diverse segments and confirm commitments to inclusion is easy and cost effective when you have the fortitude and the right strategy.


In today’s business environment, it’s important to get in front of diversity and inclusion conversations and have them inform your digital content. Consumers are looking for authenticity and their engagement expectations are beginning to prioritize purpose driven marketing on the brand side. Refitting mainstream digital content in diverse segments is never an effective strategy and typically backfires unexpectedly. It is also important to create accessible doorways to your company or organization so diverse audiences can find you and feel engaged.

One effective way to use the domain name eco-system to reach diverse segments like LGBT is by establishing direct links into your company or organization using a .LGBT domain. Whether you point directly to LGBT initiatives within your existing website, or create a micro-site with unique content, it’s a welcoming invitation. Not only will you stand out and catch the eyeballs of the intended audience, you will also deliver the message of intentional effort to recognize and speak the language of your audience.


Does Pridelife have any special plans for .LGBT names that you can share?

One of the value-add initiatives for .LGBT registrants that PrideLife is working on includes the introduction of community partnerships and “community hubs.” The hubs will be derived from generic words used to help aggregate .LGBT registrants and drive visibility within the community and for the .LGBT brand overall.

One of the early community hubs includes TRAVEL.LGBT, an online destination for all things travel related with LGBT touch points. The hub will be in partnership with the International LGBT Travel Association and feature .LGBT registrants that operate websites linked to the travel industry, including hotels, airlines, destinations, agents and other services.


Visit getPridelife.LGBT to find the perfect .LGBT name for you, today!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019