Distinction Jewelry (Equality)

Custom Rings Produced in the US
Your imagination or ours! Personalize your engagement ring with FREE design changes and custom design; every ring made to order. Non-traditional couples and designs are welcomed. You'll get photo-realistic preview renders of your ring so that you know exactly what the finished product will look like.
Deal with an American small business where your dollars truly mean something. You'll get personal service and superior quality craftsmanship. No mass production here - don't settle for less than US custom jewelry made to exacting standards.
Clean Luxury
Eco-Friendly recycled metal, genuine gems, and conflict-free diamonds for clean luxury. Ask about man-made Moissanite, and Canadian or lab grown diamonds.
Support a small, growing business with progressive ideals on our journey to doing business right. We refuse to join the race to the bottom; businesses should be an asset to our employees, suppliers, and community. Help us bring back good jobs and quality American production.
Luxury Design Principles
When cost is not a factor, good design wins. Flimsy, hollowed, too-narrow bands vanish. Settings become solid enough to last lifetimes. If you’ve ever been to a jewelry store where everything looks the same, that’s because it’s all designed to be as cheap as possible… even on high-priced rings! No extra metal, no unusual or large accent stones: just make sure it’s cheap and suitable for mass production with low labor costs. Our luxury design principle means we throw all that out in favor of rings that look amazing, have designs that excite rather than bore, and don’t skimp on materials.
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Friday, June 29, 2018