Flightplan is traveling the country to identify and share best practices for predicting and preventing homeless and suicide among LGBTQ youth.

Projects have included:
Consulting at CampOUT
An understaffed nonprofit needed help preparing for a camp to empower LGBTQ youth. In addition to preparing camp materials, I provided onsite support during the event while conducting observational research. After camp, I recommended ways to honor campers' pronouns, privacy, and social needs. I also built on existing camp rituals to create moments to celebrate perseverance over suicidality, a common challenge among campers.
The Negative Energy Bill
Bullying decreases academic performance, increases suicidality, and is on the rise since the 2016 election. While some schools have adopted comprehensive anti-bullying strategies and policies, other schools believe the level of bullying at their school is normal and acceptable. The Negative Energy Bill uses proven techniques from the social sciences and big data in order to (1) motivate staff behavior change and (2) connect toxic schools with resources tailored to address the issues most prevalent at their school.
Van Conversion Company
LGBTQ youth are sometimes safer in a lockable vehicle than at home, on the street, or in a shelter. What if Flightplan employed at-risk youth to build campervans for a mix of paying and pro bono clients? Youth employees would gain income and skills for nomadic living while youth in need of housing could receive a converted van at reduced cost.


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Friday, June 29, 2018